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Also know as......

"The H.B.I.C.....Head Bitch In Charge!!" 





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Nov 10, 2020 

24 HOURS ONLY!!!!!

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Click on the FEATURED ARTIST tab, and get your free music!

Much luv,

B. Sis

Oct 30, 2020 


Please DO NOT write in anyone's name when you vote! 

The race is CLEARLY between Biden & Trump ONLY!!! 

Every vote counts.....So don't waste it trying to be funny or an asshole!!! 🤨 

#VOTE like your CHOICE, LIFE and FREEDOM  depends on it... 



Much luv,

B. Sis

May 20, 2020 

I'm not gonna do it, I'm not gonna do it.....

I did it y'all 😃

I got a Tik Tok account!

Go follow me here: @babysis4u 

Much luv,

B. Sis

May 14, 2017 

Happy Mothers Day to all the lovely moms out there raising our future leaders to be great!!! ?❤️

Much luv,
B. Sis

May 5, 2017 

We got some new "Back Street" logo snapback caps in stock. 
Make sure you stop by the "MERCHANDISE" section and purchase yours today. 

Much love,
B. Sis