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Baby Sis

C.E.O of Back Street Ent. 

One of the hottest female rappers coming out of the West Coast,
radio show host,
artist manager, event organizer and promoter
Also know as......

"The H.B.I.C.....Head Bitch In Charge!!" 





Latest News

Nov. 06, 2013 

Come out and join Baby Sis and Back Street Ent. as she host "HIP-HOP and HOOKAH" going down Saturday, Nov. 16th in the Inland Empire.
Enjoy good fun, great music, the best hookah and the dopest live entertainment from artist like Zion (@ZionR3plbc23), Paris Saint (@ParisSaintLeBer), Money Moons (@Money_Moons) plus more....all in one place!

The Spot to be  on Nov. 16th is....
Hajji's Grill and Hookah lounge
790 S. State St
San Jacinto, Ca

Tickets are only $10....go purchase yours NOW at the "MERCHANDISE" link or at the door the day of the event. 

Baby Sis and Back Street Ent. are about to put Hemet, Ca on the map with this event!
Hope to see you there!

Much luv,
Baby Sis

Mar. 10, 2013 

Good News people....I will be the host of a HOT NEW radio show called BACK STREET RADIO!
It's going to be showing MAJOR love to INDIE artist, as well as Industry artist too!

So make sure you go click on the new tab called "BACK STREET" where you can get ALL the information related to the radio show, like dates, times, the link to listen live and who our featured guest will be!

If you are an Indie Artist and want to submit your music to be played on the show, then email your tracks to:

I hope you come and support the show that supports you!

Much luv,
Baby Sis

Jan. 28, 2013 

Today has been a CRAZY day in Hip-Hop news!! 
Chris Brown, Frank Ocean and Rick Ross.....Wanna know what the deal is with theme?
Then head on over to my BLOG and read all about it.....and don't forget to leave a comment!!

Much luv,
Baby Sis

Jan. 8, 2013 

Good Morning Luvs!! 
Make sure you head over to the "BLOG" section and read the new post, and any of the old ones you may have missed!
And don't forget to stop off at the "GUEST BOOK" and leave a message or a shout out to let me know you were here!

Much luv,
Baby Sis

Jan 07, 2013 

 Wuts good y'all.....I know I'm a few days late, but HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!
Better late, than never  Lol.

Much luv,
Baby Sis

Nov 4, 2012 

Want to know what recently happend to Keri Hilson????
Well head on over to my blog and read about it!!  Lol

Much luv,
Baby Sis

Aug. 30, 2012 

Damn, I just heard the sad news about Chris Ligty! 
My prayers go out to him and his family...may he now, and forever, Rest In Paradise!

Much luv,
Baby Sis

Aug. 22, 2012 

LL Cool J goes toe to toe with a bugular!  What would you have done in that situation??
Head on over to my BLOG to read all about it, and share your thoughts!!

Much luv,
Baby Sis

Nov 20, 2011 

What's good people...
I know it's been a while since I posted some new "news", but ya' girl has been super busy!!
I've been working with some new artist this year, and as soon as I can get the tracks all done and ready to debut, I will post them up so y'all can give your feedback.....let us know if it's hot or not.
I've also been doing a lot of traveling....taking care of business, so it makes it really hard to get on the computer when you're on the road...but I promise to try and do a hell of  lot better!

So in the mean time, and in between time....feel free to hit me up on my twitter page @babysista and holla at me, or leave me a message right here on my message board....or you can leave me a voice message at (909) 255-9445...hell, do all 3 if you like!!  Lol
I'll be waiting!!

Much luv,
Baby Sis

Jan 16, 2011 

I just added something new on the "CONTACT PAGE" to give you all a chance to get to know me a little bit better.  It's an "ASK ME ANYTHING" box, where you can type in ANY question you want, and I'll asnwer it for you.  If you have an account with then you can include your account info, so I will know who is asking the question......or you can always click the "anonymous" button if your shy ;-)
So go check it out, and ask away.........I'll be waiting!!

I also added a new section to the website.  It's a "BLOG"  section.  I've never done one, but I'm gonna give it a shot, so not only is it new to the's new to let's see how this works out.  If you have any feed back, please feel free to give it....good or bad, it's all appreciated!

Much luv,
Baby Sis