Tha Story

Baby Sis was born and raised in Long Beach, California, on December 31st. She is the sixth child of seven brothers and sisters, and the youngest girl in her family, which is how she got the name "Baby Sis". She now resides in the Inland Empire, and even though she reps the "I.E." to tha' fullest, she still puts it down for the "LBC" as well, because her music will always have that Long Beach feel to it, so in other words.......Baby Sis is a "West Coast" representa'! 

She always dreamed about being a rapper, but she never actually pursued it. Eventually Baby Sis worked up the nerves to enter a rap contest called "The Roll Call" hosted by the Baka Boys on the radio station "Power 106" and she won. With her rhyming skills, Baby Sis won a number of concert tickets, amusement park passes, cd's trips and even cash from the radio station. 

After receiving two turntables and a mixer as a christmas gift, Baby Sis taught herself how to mix, and started to DJ at house parties where she would perform her raps over other artist's instrumentals, and she got some great feedback from the crowd. After a while Baby Sis got tired of rappin' to used beats, and wanted something fresh and new that she could call her own, so she bought a music production station and began creating her own beats to perform her raps to. But wanting to be more than just a "local" rapper, Baby Sis became determined with trying to get her music heard by as many people as possible, but without a record deal, she knew she would have to do it all on her once again, Baby Sis went shopping. First she bought a four track recorder, then a cd burner to go with the turntables and production station that she already had, and turned one of her spare bedrooms into a recording studio that she named "The G-Spot", and began working on her dreams! After hours, days, weeks and months of writting, producing beats and recording.......Baby Sis completed her first song titled "Ready Fo' This". 

Baby Sis' goal is to expand beyond just an artist in this business, and she is living up to her goals!
She created her own online radio show, titled Back Street Radio, where she could play, not only her music, but the music of other Independent Artist looking to get thier music played on the radio to be heard by others around the world.  From there, she created Back Street Entertainment, where she began managing artists, helping them book shows to gain stage experience and exposure....which led to her organizing, hosting and promoting Indie Artist Showcases, not only for the artist that she manages, but also for other struggling Independent Artist looking for opportunities to perform and earn some money for themselves as well. 

Baby Sis is always looking for other talented artist's to work with, so if you're interested.......send your contact info and at least one track that displays your talent to:

Baby Sis is also looking to start her own clothing line, BACK STREET GEAR, so be on the lookout for that.....coming SOON!