The Murder Of Jordan Davis

The jury in Florida has reached a verdict!

DEADLOCKED on the first count, Murder in the 1st degree of Jordan Davis.
GUILTY on counts two, three and four on the 2nd degree Attempted Murder of the other 3 teens inside the vehicle. 
GUILTY on count five, shooting a deadly missile into an occupied car.

Most people are "satisfied" with these verdicts, stating that at least Michael Dunn will be going to jail for the rest of his you all assume!  Take into consideration that one, he has not been sentenced yet, and two, even if he gets the maximum sentence on each count, who's to say he will not get paroled early for "good behavior"?

Lastly, nothing is "satisfying" about sending, yet, another message to the world that it is completely justified in taking the life of a young black man because you don't like the way they are dressed, the music that they listen to, the way they talk or that you believe they don't belong in your neighborhood!

In MY opinion, we, as blacks in America, our work is NOT done!



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