Chris Lighty's death ruled a suicide

Music mogul Chris Lighty's death has officially been ruled a suicide.

After completing an autopsy, the New York Medical Examiner's office confirmed on Friday that Lighty died from a self-inflicted wound.
Police have said that there were no…

Steal a cop car....lose a leg!

 LOS ANGELES -- A man stole a police cruiser and then crashed it into a light pole and a Starbucks in Mid-City, losing one of his legs, police said.

The 25-year-old man stole the cruiser around 4 a.m. from…

Momma said "knock you out"....and he did!

LL Cool J whooped a burgulars ass!!

Actor and rapper LL Cool J went toe-to-toe with an intruder at his Studio City home early Wednesday, reportedly breaking his nose and jaw.
Police were called to the star's home…

Welcome to the New!

Wuts up world.  It's a new year....2011, so I decided, just today as a matter of fact, that I'm going to do something new as well, to commerate all the "Newness" going on....and wut I chose to do…