Jan 16, 2011

I just added something new on the "CONTACT PAGE" to give you all a chance to get to know me a little bit better.  It's an "ASK ME ANYTHING" box, where you can type in ANY question you want, and I'll asnwer it for you.  If you have an account with Formspring.me then you can include your account info, so I will know who is asking the question......or you can always click the "anonymous" button if your shy ;-)
So go check it out, and ask away.........I'll be waiting!!

I also added a new section to the website.  It's a "BLOG"  section.  I've never done one, but I'm gonna give it a shot, so not only is it new to the site.....it's new to ME....so let's see how this works out.  If you have any feed back, please feel free to give it....good or bad, it's all appreciated!

Much luv,
Baby Sis

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